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Hello, and a warm welcome to my own small corner of the online Xenaverse. I am a dedicated British fan of Xena: Warrior Princess and through this site aim to provide information on my own particular areas of interest related to the series, as well as celebrate the diverse fan activities we enjoy here in the UK, including regular meets, a thriving online community and even full-scale conventions.

Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001) began airing on British terrestrial television in 1997 and I immediately became a fan. From the outset it was clear than this was much more than just another action-adventure series. The format was incredibly diverse, and could variously present darkly dramatic and character-driven storylines to comedy, action and even the odd musical from one week to the next. This innovative style combined with the exceptional performances of the two leads, Lucy Lawless and Reneé O'Connor, ensured that once seen, the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle were not easily forgotten.
Exclusive filming report on the Xena: Warrior Princess fifth season finale, Motherhood. Exclusive Filming Report on Motherhood
Xena: Warrior Princess was filmed entirely on location in New Zealand, and I had the privilege of visiting this wonderful country during March and April 2000. Throughout my trip, I spent a lot of time exploring locations previously featured in the series, and on one of these visits, I happened to chance on the Xena: Warrior Princess production crew while they were hard at work filming the fifth season's dramatic finale, Motherhood!
Read all about what happened on those amazing two days in my extensive report, exclusive to this Web site and illustrated in full colour. Includes some additional information direct from actor Kevin Smith, who played Ares.
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    Another exclusive filming report on the Xena: Warrior Princess fifth season finale, Motherhood. Another Exclusive Motherhood Filming Report
    We've done it again! It seems I was not the only Xenite wandering around on "hallowed ground" in March 2000. Guest contributor Sarah encountered the Xena: Warrior Princess crew while they were in the very final stages of filming Motherhood, mere days after I had seen them at work. She has kindly supplied a fully-illustrated report, again exclusive to this site.

    Sarah's fascinating account gives a glimpse into the work of the second unit and particularly the invaluable part the stunt team played in bringing several of Motherhood's most dramatic sequences to life on the screen. Includes extra information direct from Adrienne Wilkinson, who played Livia/Eve.
    An exclusive filming report on Season Six of Xena: Warrior Princess. Exclusive Return of the Valkyrie Filming Report
    They say luck comes in threes... either that or there's some weird genetic presupposition that British Xenites have for being in the right place at the right time! Guest contributor Ann Reddecliffe saw the Xena: Warrior Princess crew working out on location in August 2000, filming the final episode of the epic "Wagnerian" Beowulf/Norse trilogy from season six.
    Ann's excellent report, again fully illustrated and exclusive to this site, provides an insight into a full day's filming for the crew, and shows some tantalising glimpses into characters and scenes from this story, including some dramatic battle action for Xena in a location new to the series.
    Original Costumes and Props
    Now that production of Xena: Warrior Princess has ended, many original costumes and props from the series have been obtained by fans. See my personal collection here.
    Original Costumes and Props
    Some of the best online Xena: Warrior Princess related resources in the world can be accessed from my convenient links page, which includes most of my personal favourites.
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    All the latest site developments are listed in this section. If you haven't visited for a while, catch up with the recent happenings in the world of Xenaverse Britannia here.
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